Nyancoin: digital currency themed on Nyan Cat.

The original Nyancoin, running it's own blockchain since 3 January 2014. There are no tokens here.


19 July 2022 - New Exchange

New exchange TXBIT: txbit.io

All of the usual warnings here still apply.

13 July 2022 - v1.x Incompatible

An issue with one or more incompatible blocks has resulted in v1.x software no longer working.

The exact cause is unknown, but the fix is to upgrade to v2.0

Further details on Reddit: reddit.com/r/nyancoins/

v2.0 has been available since March

Github with source and compiled versions for many architectures.

Local with Windows instructions and other useful information.

The usual warnings apply - there may be bugs, make at least one backup of wallet.dat before altering or installing anything, be certain what you are downloading and from where.

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