Nyancoin Wallet Software

To use Nyancoin, download and run the Nyancoin software.
When run for the first time, the entire blockchain will be downloaded. This can take several hours, but only has to be done once.

If restarting the software after a few hours or days, it will automatically 'catch up' when started, this may take a few minutes.

When upgrading from v1.x to v2.x, the blockchain files will be recreated on disk from the old versions. This may take several hours.
During this process, the software will not be usable, and won't respond to RPC commands either.
When complete, the old blockchain files can be deleted (blk0001.dat and blkindex.dat). New files are in /blocks, /chainstate and /database.


Windows x64 Nyancoin Core Version 2.0, March 2022:

Windows 64 bit, zip file 26MB

Windows 32 bit, zip file 25MB

If upgrading from a previous version

MAKE AT LEAST ONE BACKUP of the wallet.dat file, preferably to a separate device. wallet.dat contains the keys to the wallet - if damaged or deleted, all of your Nyancoin will be gone forever. There is NO recovery option.

  1. Exit Nyancoin if already running
  2. MAKE A BACKUP OF wallet.dat
  3. Open the zip file and extract Nyancoin-qt.exe
  4. Replace your existing Nyancoin-qt.exe with the new version
  5. Run the software in the usual way.

v2.0 uses a different format for the blockchain files, however old ones should be converted automatically. This make take some time, up to several hours depending on system capabilities.

Any shortcuts or links to the software will still work as before, including command line options for custom data directory and similar.

As with all software, regular backups are recommended, particularly the wallet which contains the keys to whatever Nyancoin you may own.

Errors when running?

As with any new version there may be some minor compatibility problems. If so DO NOT PANIC. That's why you made a backup file earlier.

Please join the Telegram group for assistance.

For a new installation:

  1. Open the file and extract nyancoin-qt.exe
  2. Copy the file to somewhere on your computer and run it.
  3. If you get any warnings from firewall or security software about the program trying to run, connect or do anything, you must ALLOW this. The software relies on being able to download transactions from other computers running Nyancoin, and to send any transactions you make to the others - without this, it will do nothing.
  4. The software will now automatically connect to the Nyancoin network and start downloading the blockchain (the list of every Nyancoin transaction so far). This will probably take several hours, so just leave the program running until that has finished.
  5. If you can't leave the computer on until download has completed, exit the program, wait for it to close and shut down the computer. When started the next time, it will continue downloading from where it got to previously.

Firewalls Etc.

v2.0 can auto-configure firewalls via uPNP, this can be selected in the File - Options - Network tab. Alternatively manually configure your firewall to set port 33701 open. For home use, this is usually done in your router configuration.

If you can't do this, then the software will still function - it just means that you can create connections to others, but they cannot connect to you.


Version 2.0, March 2022:

nyancoin2.0-x86_64-macos.tar.gz 26MB

The process should be similar to the Windows information above. Downloading the blockchain for the first time will take several hours but only has to be done once.

Linux, Source and all other packages

v2.0, March 2022: https://github.com/nyancoin-official/nyancoin-client/releases/tag/v2.0

Documentation is located in /doc within the source code.

The software uses port 33701 for connections so this must be set to open in your firewall configuration.

The block files and index currently require about 3.3 GB of disk space, and the software can be run on most low-end virtual servers. A minimum of 2GB of RAM is suggested. It may be possible to run it with less, but a swapfile will be required and performance is likely to be poor.

Compatibility information


Mined transactions are compatible between v1.x and v2.0, however transactions created by v2.0 may not be accepted if mining on v1.x due to changes in the fees. v1.x will ignore those, so mining on v1.x will result in you not being able to mine those transactions. Blocks containing those transactions will be accepted after they have been added to the blockchain (mined).

If you run a mining pool or mine individually, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to 2.0 as soon as possible so that you can benefit from all of the transaction fees.

Message Signing

Message signing is NOT compatible between versions, so messages signed on v1.x will NOT validate on v2.0, and v2.0 won't validate on v1.x either. There is currently no fix for this other than using an old v1.x client for validation of old messages. A website based tool may be released in the future to provide this functionality.

Wallet Corrupt

Due to some previous versions being compiled with alternative BerkeleyDB versions, some wallet files may not work with v2.0. This will result in a 'wallet corrupt' error.

However the wallet is NOT corrupted, it's just from a different version. Provided you have made backups of wallet.dat, your Nyancoins will be safe.

Possible fixes include:

v2.0 will create a new wallet.dat if one is not found, so relocating the old file will allow v2.0 to start normally with a new empty wallet.

Blockchain files

v2.0 uses a different format for the blockchain files, however old ones should be converted automatically. Conversion will take some time, up to several hours depending on system capabilities. While the conversion is running, command line clients may appear to have frozen - however please check the logfile to see that the conversion process is actually running.

An alternative is to delete the old blockchain files and have v2.0 load everything from the network. This may be faster for systems with high speed connections but relatively slow storage such as virtual servers.


v2.0 uses nyancoin-cli for RPC commands. It is not possible to use nyancoind directly as with v1.x so any software which uses this will need to be reconfigured.


nyancoind getpeerinfo

changes to:

nyancoin-cli getpeerinfo

Older versions

The older versions are not recommended for use. They are years out of date and not supported or maintained by anyone.
If you really want to use them, they can be found here, however for any normal purposes you should be using the current versions as shown above.

Updated 21 April 2022. Contact / impressum